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1 to 1 Geodes™

Developed by Great Minds® and Wilson Language Training, Geodes® are rooted in the belief that children can learn to read while reading to learn.

1 to 1 Geodes is designed exclusively for tutors to ensure your students practice key reading skills while building knowledge about the world around them. This collection of texts unite phonics with compelling content and beautiful art so that your students are inspired to wonder, decode, and build confidence.

It’s fantastic for your child.

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1 to 1 Geodes
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Starting in the Summer of 2021, literacy tutors and
coaches will be able to work one on one with
students using this knowledge-rich library.

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With the Geodes’ compelling content featuring diverse stories and stunning
illustrations, you can create high-quality learning experiences your students
deserve. Below is what’s included inside your bundle:


Geodes Book Features

Geodes 4 Booklets

Every book includes a teaser on the back cover offering a preview of the book highlighting an excerpt from the text and featuring a question to develop student curiosity.

Geodes more info with a portrait photo

The More section is a short information selection that extends and enhances the information in Geodes. It is designed to be read aloud by a caregiver, tutor, or teacher and provides opportunities for further exploration and conversation.

Foundation Wilson Language Training - an owl teacher pointing at the sign.

Following the scope and sequence of Fundations®, Geodes are Readables, a unique type of text in which specific decoding strategies are coupled with content and vocabulary, resulting in wonderfully rich books for budding readers.

With the Geodes’ compelling content featuring diverse stories and stunning illustrations, you can create the custom, high quality learning experience your students deserve. Take a look inside Jerry Draws, a Level 1 Geodes book.

Geodes offer a wide variety of text features intended to be read by an adult. These components provide knowledge-building details omitted from the text because of space limitations or decodability challenges.

About • Maps • Captions • Labels • Diagrams • Headings • Graphs •
Timelines • Call‑Out Boxes

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