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Geodes Level 1: Classroom Kit ($3,695 + $332 Shipping)


    Geodes® are accessible information-rich books for emerging and developing readers, aligned with the scope and sequence of the Fundations® foundational reading program from Wilson Language Training®. Each book in the collection is designed to cultivate a deep reading experience, enabling students to apply decoding skills while building knowledge.

    The Level 1 Geodes set contains 64 unique books organized into four topical modules. With beautiful artwork and engaging topics, these texts help students truly enjoy exercising their growing phonetic skills. Geodes were designed to ensure that emerging readers see that learning to read isn’t just about practicing skills. It’s about building knowledge.

    Each print classroom kit contains

    • 6 copies of each color book,
    • 20 copies of each My Geodes® book,
    • a Geodes box,
    • the Inside Geodes® Teacher Guide, and
    • special display pieces.

    Cost of shipping is included in the price.

    Price excludes tax